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Tae Kwon Do uses 97% of the body's muscles, making it one of the best overall physical activities. But more than just a sport as perfecting physical skills is only one aspect - Tae Kwon Do practice is equally effective at improving the mind and spirit.

Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

Ye Ui
Courtesy - Be nice to your friends and family.

Yom Chi
Integrity - Be Honest.

In Nae
Perseverance - Never give up.

Guk Gi
Self Control - Control your mind-body-temper.

Baekjool Boolgool 
Indomitable Spirit - Have courage to do the right thing.

HTA Martials Arts Academy has classes for children as young as four. We also provide classes for teenagers and adult. You will not be turned away because of physical or mental disabilities.